Vitamin C Anti-Aging DIY Cream

A wonderful moisturizing natural ingredients cream that will lighten and repair your skin! This is a recipe of a 51 years old woman who looks like she’s 20. She doesn’t have any wrinkles. The woman is called Yamada Keiko. Just try it!


3 tablespoons of rice

1 tablespoon of honey

1 tablespoon of milk

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How to do it:

First, cook the rice for several minutes. Strain it and keep the water in which the rice has boiled. Then add 1 tbsp of hot milk and the honey. Mix well. Then apply this mask to your face.

Here is the video:

She Is 51 Years Old But Looks 20 Her Youth Secret Is This One Natural ingredient

Here, we're going to present you a recipe of a 51 years old woman who looks like she's 20. She doesn't have any wrinkles. This recipe can be used by men and ...

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