Better Absorption – The new Qunol Ultra 100mg CoQ10

Mental Refreshment: Pure CoQ10 400Mg 200 Capsules (1 Bottle)
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What is CoQ10:CoQ10 is a nutrient that supports heart function and promotes energy production in cells. CoQ10 is an enzyme present throughout our body, however, as we age, we start to produce less of it than our body needs for optimal energy. The heart is especially prone to reduction in coq 10. ...

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This CoQ-10 supplement arrived in a generic container with no identification or address for the manufacturer on the label. The UPC code (713807375232) has no record in any database I can find. This does not give confidence as to the origin of the product, its safety or quality, but as I looked into it, it got worse. There are lots of official looking "seals" printed on the label, such as "FDA Registered Facility" but the facility has no name or address. There is a seal that shows "GMP" or "Good Manufacturing Practice Compliance" under FDA standards. However, the FDA GMP requires that the label show "The name and address of the firm manufacturing the product or introducing it into interstate commerce" (quoting from the FDA document). The label does not show this, so that representation is false. A recognized reviewing organization says for the company "Mental Refreshment" (the only name listed on the label): "Based on 20 products and 597 product reviews, the average rounded percentage of inauthentic reviews found by the analysis engine is 60.0%." In other words, the company is scamming reviews and rates an "F" with an average of only 1.5 stars by trustworthy reviewers.There are many medicine and supplement scams in the market today. In the absence of any traceability in violation of FDA GMP guidelines I am requesting return authorization.
November 14, 2016
Seller delivered product on time and in great condition. This product helps maintain my body's balance, good product. I was specifically looking for a CoQ10 product that not only had "pure ingredients" but gave me the high dosage in only ONE pill rather than many like most competitors offer. With this product's "Lower price" compared to the large National brands I can save lots of money too. Thanks you for the wonderful product, keep up the excellent work.
January 22, 2017
Good product and good service
April 3, 2017
These work great, I had been taking Costco's Co-Q-10 and they worked well - but the price was much higher. These are a bargain and they work, they keep my mind and memory working well (definitely countering the statins I take for heart attack) - I take one per day.
September 5, 2017
Can tell this is the right product, and it is working great. Saved a LOT of money ordering this. Thank you for making it available!!
June 5, 2017
Jolly Dollar provided excellent service and a charming email. Their CoQ-10 is much more affordable than the generic I was buying.
October 15, 2017
This is my second time buying this product. I inherited my parents problems with high cholesterol. This is the only product that has brought down my cholestetol numbers to the normal range. Needless to say I am very pleased and recommend the product highly.
August 7, 2017
I'm just taking this supplement because my fertility doctor ask me to add to my supplements to improve my chances of IVF working. I haven't had the procedure so I have no idea if it will work I hope it does. I have no negative side effects at all.
July 26, 2017