High Potency Vitamin D3 (5000iu) enhanced with Coconut Oil for Better Absorption ~ Bone, Joint and Immune system support ~ Non-GMO & Gluten Free, 360 Mini Liquid Softgels, Made in USA Sports Research

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SUNSHINE VITAMIN: Sports Research Vitamin D3 delivers the same biologically active form of vitamin D produced in the body as a result of direct sunlight without the risk of unprotected UVB exposure.; HIGH POTENCY: Contains 5000iu of high potency Vtiamin D3 Complex per capsule. Daily intake of Vitamin D3 is essential for calcium absorption and maintaining strong bones and teeth.*; COCONUT OIL: The original Vitamin D3 brand with Coconut oil. Vitamin D3 is fat soluble and difficult for the body to absorb if not taken with a fat. To help enhance absorption we blend our Vtiamin D3 with Coconut Oil a “nutritious fat”.; OVERCOME DEFICIENCY: As many as 50% of the people living in the United States may be deficient in Vitamin D. Most experts agree that Vitamin D is a powerful membrane antioxidant.*; MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:All Sports Research (SR®) products come with a 90 day Money Back Guarantee.*

User reviews

I had Vitamin D3 supplements recommended to me by my physician. I've tried several here from Amazon. Either they had filler that I wasn't happy with, or there was an odor. I had trouble initially finding a brand that I could stick with. I chose this Sports Research one because it uses coconut oil, which is known for its many health benefits.I really like this brand of D3 supplements. Someone reached out to me after my purchase to make sure I was satisfied. I was, and am.Additionally, there is NOTHING wrong with your supplements if they arrive cloudy. In cold weather, coconut oil solidifies. The melting point of coconut oil is 76 degrees Fahrenheit. So if it shipped or stored below that temperature, you will notice it being fully cloudy or with cloudy "bits" inside. This is perfectly normal and does not indicate a problem with your product, if it smells right (coconutty) and is within it's expiration date. Roll the capsules in your hands for a few moments. The heat from your hands will warm them up, and you'll see them go crystal clear. I've even included a photo of the capsules in both solid and liquid forms.So, I'm very pleased with the quality of this product and will be ordering more when I run out. Highly recommend.
My friend and husband were low in Vitamin D, so I was doing research. I came across an article that suggested that Vitamin D3 could improve mood. I had been terribly depresses and lethargic. I spend plenty of time outside, so a vitamin D deficiency didn't seem to be a problem. However, after reading that and ordering some for my husband, I decided to take it also. WOW!! Within a week, I was back to my old happy self, living life again. Nothing else changed, so there is a direct link to adding this Vitamin D3 to my daily nutrition. I take no other supplements, this was the only thing different. After 17 days on this, my husband noted that I had gone over 2 weeks without the daily tears, this was huge!!The quality of this capsule is obviously wonderful and potent. The size is a small pearl size, about the size of a garden pea, so swallowing this is no problem at all. I am very impresses with this product, and have since ordered the Biotin as well. I will continue to order from them! After taking this for over a month now, I will continue this as part of my daily routine! They did offer me a free bottle for writing an unbiased review, but I do reviews regularly when I order, so it has nothing to do with the free offer. In fact, if I didn't like it, why would I want more!! But since my husband, 4 friends, and I all love it, I will take the company up on their offer now!!
Are these things suppose to make my finger nails and hair grow like crazy because that's what is happening after taking these. My fingers nails started growing like crazy and I would have to clip them after a week or so. My hair started growing much faster and I had to get a haircut more frequently. I'm guessing these are good things to show that the gels are working but I am not a scientist so I have no idea. Could be just a side affect or something but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.The gels are easy to swallow as they are the size of like an m&m mini and hasn't cause me any ill effects unless you count fast fingernails and hair growth as a bad thing.
The product was delivered swiftly and in good packaging. I am confident in Sports Research products, and have found them to be of excellent quality. Supplementing provides the needed support and nutrients which most of us are unable to sustain by diet alone. As with all supplements, it is consistency, time and patience that provides the best results.
great product for your y2k box...
Living in the Midwest I desperately need vitamin D since there's not sun on so many days. I also eat a ketogenic diet and need vitamin D to help with my nutrition. I always feel better when taking a good D3 supplement. I have been feeling great since starting your D3. It seems like it's better than the last one I was taking.
Very excited to find this with coconut oil especially with winter approaching.
My dad recommended these vitamins to me after purchasing them. I, myself, have read a few studies where people these days don't get enough vitamin D due to scare of skin cancer, less time of spending time outside, and application of sunscreen. I've read all the positives/incentives about taking vitamin D, so, I have decided to give it a try plus it has coconut oil in it, which is a plus. So, so far so good. I even have my husband take one a day as well. Good vitamins, no aftertaste. Would definitely re-order again when I'm out.

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