About Us

I made TrueVitaminShop.com in order to help all those in need to find the correct products. The products are carefully selected from the greatest brands we can find on Amazon. In the same time, we offer you interesting (I hope) articles in choosing the correct products.

I am sure that the natural based products can help you in overcoming any disease. As my mother got sick of LAM 2 – acute myeloid leukemia – and since some natural products helps her each day to overcome the disease, we simply offer you the same chance for you or for your beloved ones.

Do you think that you can fight against such disease by chemotherapy ? You are wrong ! And you will see it once it is too late for you and your beloved around you!

I continue to hope that we can heal our beloved with natural made products. This is the only chance we have in this Pharma ruled world.

We hand picked more than 2000 products, carefully selected which can help us to fight against any disease or to keep us in a good health.

You have nothing to lose ! Just browse our website and you will see it.

Daniel Rollo
Ocean Drive Av, 54
Newport, RI, USA