Why fight against leukemia with natural products ?

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[strong]There are many ways of fighting against leukemia[/strong]

One of it, for a short limited period of time is chemo. Once you continue with chemo based on the doctors protocols, you can be dead for sure. For sure, it is hard to believe if you trust the doctors and their protocols.

On this website I will present you step by step some natural ways to help you fight against leukemia.

I am not doctor. I am not a medium. I simply am the son of a mother that has leukemia and the doctors weren’t so confident that she will succeed. But as for now, she had been helped by some natural medicines I will present you, step by step.

In the same time, I have hundreds of studies saying that in fact you can fight against leukemia using some natural resources.

You wont trust them at the beginning but you will find out that this can be the only hope.


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Why not using chemo ?

You may use chemo probably at the beginning when the number of blasts is already huge: 30%-60%. You need to use chemicals to destroy as much as you can. But, once the number of blasts is lower you need to use some alternatives ways.

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Why ?

I will explain you in simply words: just imagine that in a room you have a lot of rats. Theses are the blasts cells that the leukemic stem cells produce them and if they are in great number will kill at the end.  So, we have a lot of rats. The first shot: we will use chemo and we will kill 30% of them. We have now only few rats in the room. After 2 weeks, doctors find out that again, we have around 30% rats. They will use the protocol, shot with chemo.

And so on ?

Until … the human body (the room in our example) is simply destroyed by chemicals.

Why the rats just keep coming ? This is one of the top questions many doctors from famous Universities continue to look after. In our example, because we kill the rats but we don’t cover the holes in the walls … Therefore, the rats keep coming. In medical terms, because we have some anomalies and because the leukemic stem cells are present in our bodies.


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Therefore, my friends,

The only way to have it sorted out is to fix as much as we can the leukemic stem cells.
By using chemo, over and over again, the good stems cells aren’t re-generated but even killed. 

How can fix this: this is a 100 value points question.

I will tell you our experience that has few words: AFA ALGAE, RESVERATROL, AHCC AND CURCUMIN.

I will present their effect next time.